Test Set Generator


DTM Test XML Generator  v.1.15.01

DTM Test XML Generator creates a set of XML documents with same structure for testing purposes. It has a few built-in data generators and value library. The test document preview feature makes data generation more visible and intuitive. Free demo!

Test Tone Generator  v.4 32

Test Tone Generator is a wonderful tool for testing sound systems, create sound effects and so on. The application is very nice and intuitive, but it is not so easy-to-use and requires some previous knowledge.


BTS Battery Discharge Test Set  v.1 86

The BTS is an automatic battery discharge test set designed to enable unattended discharge tests to be performed on standby batteries.

Test Scenario Generator  v.0.9.101802

Test Scenario Generator(TSG) is a graph editor, providing a software tester with GUI to model the behavior of software and generate test scenarios based on the model.

Test data generator TDG

TDG allows you to generate mass data in common ODBC-capable databases in order to test your application packages. TDG reads the structure of database tables. You only need to enter your data descriptions in order to receive the desired amount of records.

UnitTH - Unit Test History Generator  v.1.3.1

UnitTH is a tool for generating a set of HTML test history pages from JUnit test results.

Java Test Code Generator  v.0.1b

This goes a little further than just generating the JUnit framework template and method stubs.

Right File Generator  v.1.02.03

Right File Generator is a fast and easy test file generator. It supports four text output formats: fixed width or with separators. It offers 24 built-in data generation rules. Full customizable fill method is available as well. Try it out for free!

JUB (JUnit test case Builder)  v.b

JUB is intended as a JUnit test case generator framework accompanied by a number of IDE specific extensions.

T2Xpress  v.1 6

Complete single-PLP and multi-PLP DVB-T2 test-signal generator with full user control over the entire DVB-T2 parameter set Input from Transport-Stream files or built-in O151 PRBS test-signal generator Generation of intermediate data in a DVB-T2 modul

MockupData 1.03-RC1  v.1

Make Your Data Look Real: Easy Test Data Generator.

ORTS  v.1 96

Features - Software Total test set control from any Windows 98/NT/2000/XP based PC Full results archiving, display and printing facilities Fully Automatic or Manual Control.

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